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Let’s travel back in time a bit…

I have absolutely loved sorting, tossing, placing, moving, and otherwise organizing “stuff” ever since I was a kid in the ‘80s who had a sock drawer sorted by color, size, and texture (remember scrunchy socks!). 
Now fast-forward…

By the time I was 34, I was on my 24th address change. I had lived in 11 different cities that ranged from 800 people (yay middle of Montana) to 8 million people (" New York...big lights will inspire you"). The most space I had was living in a 3,200 square foot home as an only child and you guessed it - Brooklyn wins the smallest space award - an 800 square foot apartment with my hubby and two children under 4 (no joke)!


I share all this not to show off my amazing moving resume, but rather to say that all this packing, unpacking, downsizing, and upsizing has given me ample time to think, feel, and ponder about our attachment to things surrounding us. Each item in our life has a story whether it’s a free giveaway stuffed at the bottom of our purse or a cherished family heirloom.
The question is – does having it all around us bring us joy and peace of mind?
Chances are, no. Chances are, some things do, but there’s a lot that has just “built up.” 
After moving from Brooklyn to the ‘burbs of Colorado – it became clear as day to me that we fill the space we have. The last part of that should be – if we let it. If we give ourselves permission to fill our space without intention, we can often end up overwhelmed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable in our own space (I know I have before). So what can we do about it?
Let’s take it out. Let’s process it.
Let’s rid stress and welcome serenity.
Let’s rid clutter and welcome clean.
Let’s rid junk and welcome joy.
Ever heard that less is more? I truly believe that there is always room for less.
​Less things, less stuff, less plastic, less to dust, less to put away, less, less, less.
More to filing our lives with time for ourselves, energy for our friends and family, room for new passions, discovery, and breathing space. Space to be a human BEing and above all, an opportunity to be present.
Join me on this adventure!

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